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You Don’t Need a Million Facebook Fans!

Ok, so I did a little speaking gig for Mass Chapter of the Communicators Club. Here is the video and description of the session. Of course please watch and share it!

You Don’t Need a Million Facebook Fans!
Things you can do with social media marketing that don’t require tons of fans.

Most of us will never have a million Facebook fans or Twitter followers. So social media marketing needs to be about more than collecting fans and followers and then simply posting and tweeting at them. It needs to be about weaving social media strategies and tactics into your current marketing programs and leveraging other people’s social connections to build your brand and achieve your marketing objectives. It needs to be about creating interesting and valuable content and utilizing free social tools that encourage people to share that content. And of course, it needs to be about looking at metrics further down the sales funnel and tracking ROI back to your social media activities.

Join us for a seminar where Harry J. Gold, CEO of Overdrive Interactive, walks through the practical steps organizations need to take to truly integrate the power of social media into their marketing mix and then measure the results and ROI.  His presentation will include real case studies from companies large and small who use social media to weave their brands, offers and messages into the web to make lasting connections with consumers, encourage engagement and viral promotion and of course drive results!

About the Presenter

Harry J. Gold

CEO, Overdrive Interactive

Harry is the Founder and CEO of Overdrive Interactive, an award winning digital marketing firm in Boston, Massachusetts that serves top companies and organizations such as Harley-Davidson, Samsonite, Topps, Dow Jones, John Hancock, AAA, EMC, IBM and Denon. Harry’s primary mission is to create innovative online marketing programs that drive measurable success and to share those programs with Overdrive’s clients and the world.

He is also a frequent lecturer on social media for The American Marketing Association, The Association of National Advertisers, The New England Direct Marketing Association, Mediabistro, Search Engine Strategies and Harvard University.  Harry is also an expert columnist on Social Media for ClickZ whose email newsletters are sent out to over 100,000 subscribers.

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