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YouTube Presents: A Pay-To-View Feature

It’s been a long time coming for YouTube to start charging viewers to watch content on their site. The fact that it has taken this long is amazing, and a little surprising. But recently the time has come for YouTube to allow content owners to gain some revenue from their video-making efforts.

The YouTube Rentals feature has presented the opportunity to those who create and post their videos to completely control their entire video viewing process. Content owners have endless control over the monetization, marketing and distribution of their videos. With this pay-to-view feature, every content owner can virtually become their own video rental distributor.

From choosing the rental fee to the length of time viewers can rent a video, this presents content owners the ability to control and react to their viewers. With YouTube Rentals content owners can track what types of videos viewers are interested in and track viewing trends.

The benefits of the YouTube Rentals are endless for content owners. Gaining revenue on their videos is only where it begins – this also will provide content owners with the opportunity to react and respond to viewer interests. Now with the world’s largest online video community, users can watch their videos while content owners increase revenue and watch it happen.

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