Digital Project Management

Digital Project Management, like standard project management, is an efficient way of administering projects (including resources, vendors, and staff) from start to finish, on schedule, and within budget. 


You do this by: 

    1. Using organizational, creative, time management, and technical skills, 
    2. Providing appropriate maintenance and support, and, 
    3. Working closely with developers, designers, and other professionals as a cohesive team to achieve a successful outcome. Simply put, digital project managers ensure that all project elements are flowing smoothly by designing and executing projects plans, budgets, and schedules, assigning deadlines and tasks, scheduling regular check-ins, clearing obstacles, escalating problems when needed, and providing status updates to executives and the PMO (Project Management Office) Director.

Initiatives and projects that fall within digital project management include: 

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What is digital project management?

Digital project management involves planning, delegating, tracking, reviewing, and measuring results — typically this is all done using project management software.

How do I become a web project manager?

Most digital project managers have a bachelor’s degree, as well as a couple of years experience as a PM (Project Manager).

Why are project managers important?

Project managers are important because they bring a sense of organization, leadership, and structure to your various projects. Additionally, they bring accountability into play, by clearly discussing the responsibilities of each team member.

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