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CheckPoints Could Provide More Opportunities in Mobile Marketing

Consider having the ability to walk through a store and buy something instantly; no need to wait in line for an open register, or even carry a wallet. Its an idea that may not be so far-fetched – especially when you hear about the new start-up, CheckPoints. With this new service, users are encouraged to scan barcodes with their mobile phones instead of receiving points. Already registering 500,000 users since its’ public launch in October, the new start-up may be establishing the newest way for users to shop.

CheckPoints has reported that nearly 50% of scanned barcodes have been taken from a grocery store. With the staggering growth, it shows the attraction towards mobile shopping and location-based services. As consumers are continuing to move towards the mobile space as a primary source for their information, they are now also utilizing its ability to impact their lives in other ways as well.

While location-based promotions have grown strong and received a huge response from users, mobile is becoming the consumer source of choice. For users, it offers instant gratification or accomplishment, while businesses can now target their audience at any given time. So, while businesses are finding users are opting to use their mobile phones over any other platform for their source of information, or general interest, opportunities for mobile marketing continue to open up.

While CheckPoints is currently only asking users to scan barcodes as the way for user interaction, it suggests a whole new way of mobile marketing. What the start-up does show is the ease users have using their mobile phones. We could come to the conclusion that scanning these barcodes could lead to a purchase somewhere down the line. So, could mobile phones eventually replace registers, wallets, and credit cards?

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