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Facebook Announces Graph Search

Mark Zuckerberg and the Facebook team made a big announcement today.

Zuck started out discussing the three pillars of the Facebook ecosystem-

1. News Feed

2. Timeline

and now ….

3. Graph Search

Graph search is designed to take a search and return an answer, not a set of links like a typical web search. On Facebook, you can only search for content that is shared with you.

Some things you can search for:

–          People who live in your city or a hometown or who are near you AND have something in common. Also, maybe  you met someone at a party and know they’re friends with Danielle but don’t remember their name. You can search for that.

–          Photos of friends in a specific location, photos of  your family or photos before a certain date.

–          Places you or your family has visited, restaurants your friends have gone to.

–          Interests of your friends. Maybe you’re trying to find out what your friends like for music or languages they speak or if they like a tv show like you do.

Results are based on:

–          People most important to you and/or

–          Pictures that have the most likes

This could mean a LOT of things for Facebook users and marketers in the future. Some examples:

–          Contextual ads specific to items you’re searching for.

–          The ability to access Local Information easier.

–          Privacy issues if users are unaware of how their information gets shared.

Get more information on this live blog from Mashable or from Facebook’s official announcement.

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