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Facebook is Changing!

If you’re reading this blog, you’re either a) an Overdrive employee, b) an Overdrive client, c) interested in working for Overdrive/used to work for Overdrive, d) a smart person with great taste in choosing blogs, or e) a competitor who spies on our brilliant ideas. In any case, by now you are most probably already immersed in (or at least part of!) some kind of social media marketing. If you have a constantly updated profile on Facebook or MySpace, if you tweet and follow Twitter, if you’ve ever shared anything using one of those convenient chicklets, then I bet you’re more than comfortable navigating around the social media web.

Well, here’s another thing to look forward to: next month, Facebook is launching a redesigned Profiles page.

For the last few weeks, Facebook has been actively getting feedback from users regarding the new Profiles redesign via the Facebook Profiles Preview Page. Right now, the plan is to launch the new profile page interface with separate tabs for the Feed, Info, Photos, and Applications:

According to the Facebook Profiles Preview Page, “while some upcoming changes may take getting used to, ultimately they will lead to a better, faster, more useful Facebook.”

Personally, I’m glad that there is now a way to separate and organize the different sections of each profile. Professionally, I’m excited that this opens up a whole lot of opportunities for online marketers. For instance, the user will also have the option to add more tabs for specific applications. This could be very beneficial to social marketers and application developers, because a tab dedicated to your brand’s application equals valuable real estate on the user’s profile. Imagine what a useful, engaging, and entertaining application could do: spread virally and manually, contribute greatly to the user experience, and ultimately build stronger brand affinity.

The publisher box within the Wall tab also makes life easier for all Facebook users to add and share all kinds of content. It is basically a feature that allows users to directly post items on their feeds as well as their friends’ feeds. This streamlines the sharing and interaction process, and makes it easier to communicate with users.

It is definitely an exciting time to be part of the social media landscape, with all these updates and changes and redesigns. If you want to read more Facebook news, check out Inside Facebook. Also try Mashable – it’s great resources for social media news.

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