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Facebook’s Redesigned Like Button

After months of speculation and anticipation, Facebook announced that reactions are finally available to all users. You can now reply to updates with a “like”, “love”, “haha”, “wow”, “sad”, or “angry”. To access these options on a computer, hover your mouse over the traditional “like” option for a second. On a phone, the buttons appear when you press and hold the like button. If the option doesn’t seem to work, shut the app down entirely and re-open it.

Facebook reactions on the mobile app

Facebook Reactions on the mobile app

Facebook Reactions

Reactions as they appear on a desktop or laptop display

We’re excited to see the new Facebook Reactions in action, but we still love to turn to Twitter for live updates about how users are, well, reacting:

@MosesFrancis makes a good point. Only time will tell exactly how this update will influence marketing on Facebook, but for now the only changes we’ve seen on Facebook Insights are that all reactions are counted and reported together.

Facebook Reactions Analytics

Facebook Insights counts all reactions together

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