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Future of Search and AI Presentation: Fall 2017 MoNage Conference

Overdrive was honored to be chosen as a speaker on the Future of Search and AI for the Fall 2017 MoNage conference held here in Boston.

The Fall 2017 MoNage conference took place Oct 24-26, 2017 at the Boston Public Library, and covered:
AI, Blockchain, ChatBots, Communications, Industry Perspective, Marketing, and Messaging.

The conference speakers and industry experts went deep on topics ranging from ChatBot development, Messaging Platforms and their uses specific to industries like finance and health, Cryptocurrency, Conversational Interfaces, AI, and their underlying ecosystems.


Jeff Selig presented the Future of Search marketing and how three major trends are converging to create a new and unique marketing experience for the end user. Allowing us as marketers to move towards a new interaction model with the end user:

Massive collection of individual consumer behavior data

Greater use of neuroscience and behavior science

Deep learning to optimize and personalize marketing

Search Marketing and Artificial Intelligence

Diving straight into the topic of organic search with voice, images, text and behavioral signals and how these search inputs will be changing the search output, creating a new user experience. Jeff also explored paid search with highlights on the opportunities moving forward in bidding strategies and creative optimizations that will be handled with AI as an interface for optimization. Online  media planning and buying  in the programmatic landscape was reviewed as well as how social media is helping fuel big data needs in unstructured data.

With a nod towards past search development milestones and how we evolved into our current AI search enabled environment, Jeff delivered a firehouse of information as Stephen Dill tweeted,

“@ovrdrv’s Jeff Selig @SEOSEM powered thru the complex world of search @MoNageConf just now. Still bobbing in the wake of that speedboat. LOTS to absorb! . . .#monage2017 #voicesearch #longtailsearch#serp #sem #seo #ppc#programmedadvertising”

Search and artificial intelligence

Voice Search: NLU vs. NLP vs. ASR

Jeff believes Internet of Things voice recognition is going to completely change the landscape. Gartner has predicted 30% of browsing sessions are not even going to involve a screen by 2020

Image Search: AI-Powered Visual Search

Search Engines automatically tag, organize, and search visual content with machine learning. AI-image search is building a data-science model that drives highly relevant product offerings to consumers across the social web.

Image search and their engines will not only identify what they are looking at, but understand it contextually and connecting it to other things for the user.

Collective Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence in Search

Publishers are increasingly seeing personalized content as an answer to their concerns about falling circulation and advertising revenue. Personalization algorithms influence what you’ve chosen yesterday, today and tomorrow. The content we encounter online seems to repeat the same things again and again. Personalization should bring together collective intelligence and artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence (AI) enables brands to personalize their content and deliver the right messages to the right people in an automated fashion.

12 Big Takeaways for Whats in Store With AI and Marketing

Brands need to start shifting their Search Marketing focus towards an SCO (Search Channel Optimization) strategy factoring AI-powered search methods

  1. Smarter audio content
  2. Smarter language recognition
  3. Instant translation devices
  4. Almost-human writing
  5. Deeper insights and segmentation into call activity
  6. IoT and search
  7. Sophisticated influencer marketing segmentation
  8. Conversational commerce
  9. Machine learning to optimize ad copy/creative and targeting
  10. Paid search bidding strategies using machine learning
  11. Automated image recognition
  12. 3+ terms for voice specific search strategy

Want a copy of the deck? Download http://www.overdriveinteractive.com/future-of-search-and-ai 

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