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Gain Even More Omni-Channel Presence with Discovery Ads

History: Google Discover

Google introduced Discover on its mobile home screen back in 2016 to quietly insert itself into the “News Feed” arena along with the biggest social players such as Facebook (Instagram), Twitter, and LinkedIn. Just as YouTube was a success as a “feed” of endless videos tailored to your interests, Discover does the same but as a newsfeed of a tailored set of articles and more based on your behavior while surfing through Google’s properties.

In 2018, Google announced that its Discover feed had gained 800 million monthly active users and planned to open this property for ad placement for all advertisers in the future. Now in 2020, Discovery Ads are open to all advertisers in the form of Discovery Campaigns.


What are Google Discovery Ads?

Google has combined their ad inventory on YouTube, Gmail, and Discover to create Discovery Ads to help brands gain more visibility (and “get discovered”) on Google-owned properties that reach up to 2.9 billion people across the globe. Discovery Ads give brands a new opportunity to reach users on Google’s near omnipresent properties and can target users based on their customer intent, interest and affinity, and re-engagement by utilizing email lists and remarketing to your website visits. Many organizations already have a presence on Google Search in the form of Search ads but may not have as strong of a strategy within Google’s other massively popular properties such as YouTube, Gmail, and now the Discover feed.


Why Should You Google Discovery Ads/Reasons to Run Google Discovery Ads

Google Discovery Ads provide another set of highly visible placements to spread your best offers or messages that are already performing well on digital channels such as programmatic, Facebook, and LinkedIn advertising. Using Discovery Ads, your organization is able to reach Google users when they are watching YouTube videos on their mobile device, reading through their Gmail, and catching up on interests and news tailored to them on the Discovery feed. These new avenues along with search and social advertising efforts allow your organization to effectively cover ground on nearly all the highest-traffic properties on the internet ultimately helping provide your organization with more opportunities to generate leads and continue your brand story in an additional visual medium.


Getting Started with Google Discovery Ads

We recommend taking advantage of Google Discovery Ads now while competitor saturation is still quite low.

Simply choose an image, a set of images to rotate, or a carousel of images to be accompanied by headlines, a call-to-action button, your logo, and business name, and a description. This setup may be familiar if you have already created Sponsored posts on Facebook and LinkedIn. In fact, we encourage testing and recycling your best social ads as Discovery Ads.

Interested in learning more about reaching your audience through Discovery Ads? Click here to set up an appointment where we will lead you through the endless possibilities of getting your company discovered on Google. Want to know more about media tactics that will make your company grow? Follow Overdrive on FacebookLinkedIn, and Twitter. If you’re interested in seeing how we can improve your paid media strategy or help generate more leads for your company, book a call today.


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