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Get Value-Added Online Placements From Offline Buys

Both full-service and exclusive online firms constantly use the term “integration.” Typically what’s meant by “integration” is that online is fully integrated with off-. Full-service firms say their online teams are fully integrated with their offline teams, from creative to online media buying. Online firms claim they play well in the same sandbox with their client’s offline agencies and that an advertising-like state of nirvana is easily achieved.

The reality is though some agencies manage to pull off fully integrated campaigns, most fall short. When agencies fall short on campaign integration, the impact of the creative and the efficiencies from doing multiplatform media buys (especially from the value-added front) can be seriously decreased. Today, I’ll focus on the efficiencies in online media buying an agency can achieve by creating a “conversion crew.”Both full-service and exclusive online firms constantly use the term “integration.”

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