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Google Sets Out To Kill The Duplicate Content Issue Once and For All

On the web, there’s raging paranoia and misunderstanding regarding the definition and effects of having duplicate content on a website. Today, Google set out to put the duplicate content issue to rest once and for all (at least for duplicate content issues within a site) with the…

drum roll please…

The Canonical Link Tag

In brief, a webmaster can place this tag in the head section of an HTML document to specify what the canonical URL of a page should be. You can read more about the mechanics of the new tag on the Official Google Webmaster Blog.

For search engine optimizers, this innovation signals the establishment of a new best practice for page coding: Each webpage should contain a “canonical link tag”. The canonical link tag also eliminates a mess of duplicate content issues caused by database drive websites and may prove to be a far more effective means of preventing identical versions of pages from being indexed than Robots.txt, nofollows, 301 Redirects, and .htaccess workarounds.

Dev Tool:

Request: blog/google-sets-out-to-kill-the-duplicate-content-issue-once-and-for-all
Matched Rewrite Rule: blog/([^/]+)/?$
Matched Rewrite Query: post_type=post&name=google-sets-out-to-kill-the-duplicate-content-issue-once-and-for-all
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