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Google Text Ads Receive a Change in Appearance

Google has started testing a new appearance for text ads that appear above the search results. Previously, text ads had a headline that was followed by two more lines of text in the description. As part of their new change, if the first line of the description ends with a punctuation, it will be added to the headline text and only separated by a dash.

As they looked before:

As they look now:

The reasoning behind the longer headline is so Google can improve both the user experience as well as the advertiser performance. The new layout allows users to receive relevant information from advertisers in a quicker and easier way. Google has changed this for all advertisers, but it only affects ads that appear at the top positions; all ads on the side of the page will be unaffected.

Advertisers should note that this change only affects the headline, and the first and second lines of description for text ads. If an advertiser would like to have the first line combined with the headline, they should end it with a punctuation mark. However, if they wish to keep the first and second description lines separate from the headline then the first line should not end in a punctuation.

So, writing the content of text ads just became a bit more complex. Advertisers should now attempt to write the ads as if the first line of the description reads alongside the headline, however should these ads be placed on the side of the page, they may layout differently.

While text ads that appear above search results see an appearance change, advertisers can now more efficiently send their message to users. Having the headline and first line of description at the very top, it allows the content of the ad to become more clear. As we watch these layout changes in text ads, it will become more clear how it will affect both the user and the advertiser.

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