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How I Was Surprised and Delighted by Pretzel Crisps on Twitter

Anyone in marketing knows what it means to surprise and delight your customers and prospects. It means to reach out to members of your target audience in an unexpected manner, providing them with a positive brand experience out of the blue that leaves them with a favorable impression of your products and services.

It’s a proven, age-old strategy that every brand and business should leverage once in a while, one that I was on the receiving end of recently, compliments of Pretzel Crisps.

Pretzel Crisps NoteThat’s right, several weeks ago – November 11, to be exact – I received an unsolicited tweet from Pretzel Crisps complimenting me on my Twitter bio and offering to send me a free gift pack. I didn’t know what I had done to deserve such a treat, but this was clearly an offer I couldn’t refuse. After providing my mailing address to this account, as requested, I didn’t have to wait long for my free goodies. Just a couple days later, when I got home after a long day at the office, I was happy to see a big box on the kitchen table chock-full of Pretzel Crisps – eight bags in all – plus some coupons, recipes, stickers, pens, a refrigerator magnet and a ridiculously cool handwritten note that added a nice personal touch to this generous gift.

What a great way to surprise and delight a prospect like me!

I’m no food critic, but my taste buds tell me that Pretzel Crisps are delicious, especially the Buffalo Wing, Sesame and Chipotle Cheddar flavors. And as a marketer, I love how this brand rolls on Twitter.

Thank you for the free samples, Pretzel Crisps. I won’t just give you a retweet (as you asked for in your note), I’ll give you an entire blog post for deploying such a smart strategy and reaching out to me in a manner in which I’ll always remember.

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