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How Vine is Effective for Brands

You might think that six seconds is not enough time to get a point across. However, several brands are still managing to use Vine, the video-sharing app with a six-second time limit, to deliver their messages effectively. Oreo, Dove and eBay are among those that have been praised for their ability to take such a short window of time and turn it into an advertisement for their brand.

The attraction to Vine makes sense. It’s home to millions of users and free to sign up. Living in a world full of distractions (e.g., Netflix, Tumblr, etc.), it can be difficult to hold users’ attentions. The six second limit on Vine is short, making it easy to watch the whole video. Instagram developed a very similar feature back in June 2013, but instead of restricting videos to six seconds, they chose a 15 second time limit.  Some critics have stated that compared to Vine, this length feels too long. For many brands, six seconds is the perfect length of time. So how are organizations taking the short length of time and adapting it into an advertisement?

Samsung Mobile is a great example. They have managed to create 46 posts showcasing their brand. Some of their videos are as simple as displaying a new color of a phone:

Other posts are more intricate like this one showing the transition from winter to spring while incorporating their products:

Samsung has managed to use both simplicity and complexity in their posts on Vine. They have succeeded in finding the right balance between the two and have done so in a creative way.

Etsy, a very different brand from Samsung, has also managed to utilize Vine to help promote their brand. Etsy is an e-commerce site where people around the world can connect to buy and sell unique products. Many users create their own homemade products (jewelry, art, accessories, clothing and more) and sell them on Etsy. Unlike Samsung, Etsy does not have TV commercials. Vine has been an inexpensive way for them to inform people about their brand and show how-to craft videos:

Brands are finding ways to succeed on Vine. Whether it is a simple clip displaying a product or a more creative video, it’s a free way to reach millions of users. For these brands, it has proven to be very effective way to grab the attention of their customers.

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