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Internet is a Major Influencer in Car Purchases

When you are looking to buy a car, where is the first place you look? A report by J.D. Power and Associates shows that in 2009, about 46% of used-car buyers searched the Internet for information about cars.

Though many buyers visit car dealerships to research potential purchases, the report shows that there is a higher purchasing rate when buyers shop for used-cars online versus at a dealership, with 31% making online purchases (compared to 28% at a dealership).

The Internet has been a major influencer in buyers’ car purchases, perhaps due to the wealth of information available at buyers’ fingertips. Buyers do not have to leave home and can easily sort through information to find cars that best align with their specifications.

Another study by Ad-ology specifies which media channels buyers are influenced by in making a vehicle purchase. Car manufacturer websites are the biggest influence in online car purchases, having played a role in just under 50% of vehicle purchases. Other key influencers include dealership and auto classified websites.

However consumers decide to purchase their next vehicle, the Internet has certainly had a major impact on their car-buying decisions.

Source: eMarketer; November 5, 2009

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