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MeMap, The Visual Representation of Your Friends’ Social Check-Ins

It is likely that you may have more than one geo-location app on your phone.  The list probably includes apps such as Foursquare, Facebook Places, Gowalla, Loopt or Buzzd … many that they can be difficult to keep track of.  What if there was an app that combined the feeds of all these apps? Something that makes it easier to find out where all of your friends are socially checking in.  Now there is and it’s called MeMap.  MeMap, which was released last week, compiles the streams of all your geo-location apps and syncs them with your Facebook account and Facebook places.  MeMap provides you with one, singular, personalized and real-time stream of content.

MeMap display image

In addition to the traditional timeline view of check-ins, MeMap displays your friend’s social check-ins on an easy to read map.  Using a map to display others locations not only allows you to see exactly where an individual is, but also their proximity to you.

One convenient (but scary!) feature of MeMap is that your current location can be shared on the map with your friends – without even checking in.  This eliminates the hassle of constantly having to take out your phone.

Many may be skeptical about the privacy lines this free app may inhibit, but MeMap has several customizable privacy features, including a “Panic Button” that allows your personal data to be erased instantly.  MeMap guarantees that you can always have control over who sees your location and when.

To view your social network on a map right now, you simply have to download the app and log into your Facebook account.  Instantaneously, you will be given a visual of your social network.  The only catch is, MeMap is currently only available for iPhones.

What do you think – would you use MeMap?


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