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New Feature From Google Analytics – Get Answers Instantaneously

Google announced a few days ago a huge step towards the future of Analytics Intelligence. The new feature, which already discussed last year, called “Ask Intelligence” is basically a machine learning technology that let you get answers from Google Analytics about your key business metrics such as “How many new users did we have from organic search on mobile last week?” or “What was our trend in sessions for June by age?”

This new feature will be available in Google Analytics and Google Analytics 360, both on desktop and mobile. On desktop, users will be able to type questions into a query box after clicking the Intelligence icon from every page in Analytics. On the mobile app, users will be able to use voice to surface data in Google Analytics after clicking on the Analytics Intelligence icon.

Here how it’ll work

What’s for the future?

Google says it should get smarter and better over time, but at this point, the system supports “what” and “how many” types of questions only. A cool thing about all that is that you can ask follow-up questions based on the previous question.

According to Google, the “asking a question” functionality should start rolling out over the next few weeks to all users; It’s only in English now, but Google says it will add other languages in the future as the system learns more about the types of questions users are interested in.

The main purpose of all that is to let people throughout an organisation to be able to get all the information they need without the need of relying on data analysts. Now even people with no deep familiarity with Gooogle Analytics interface could get the information they need to understand how the business is performing online.

Find  more about it in this short video


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