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Overdrive Launches the 2023 Search Map

Search marketing is fundamental to increasing a brand’s online presence, whether paid ads or keyword-saturated action pages, allowing companies to achieve the coveted front page of search engines. However, the search marketing sphere constantly evolves and algorithms update, leaving marketers vulnerable. So, we’ve updated the Overdrive Search Marketing Map for 2023 to help marketers navigate the search marketing space to optimize success in your company.   

The 2023 Search Marketing Map features over 350 live links to websites, apps, and tools, divided into 26 categories for ease of use. Access the map, available as a PDF with live links, here.  

Notable Features of This Year’s Map:  

  • Expanded keyword and content discovery tools  
  • 386 live links to help you explore the world of search  
  • 10 new connections, including Search Engines, Forum Search, and Competitive Intelligence   
  • And much more!  

Search Marketing Map Images for your Blog or Site  

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Below are the categories on the map and new and top-performing resources.  


Accurate analytics is essential for marketers to benchmark and measure against their KPIs, delivering ROI for clients. Woopra provides advanced analytics that allows brands to track user behavior. From full-funnel attribution to feature usage trends, Woopra can help users increase acquisition, drive engagement, and improve retention. 

App Search  

If you can conceptualize it, there’s an app for that. For example, entertainment apps are for gaming, social media, streaming: home organization, family schedules, and online shopping. With Samsung Apps, users can browse a series of apps like Samsung Health and Samsung Kids. 

B2B Search  

For organizational training and skill development, Skilled Up can assist in discovery. The programs provided span a wide range of industries and are based on years of research. In addition, Skilled Up includes face-to-face and virtual classes. 

Local SEO 

Many small businesses and franchises have to launch hyper-targeted geolocation campaigns to reach customers in the market. Luckily, some apps and websites do this quickly. Notably, Yext has hundreds of SEO optimizations and provides solutions like location listings. Location listings allow users to sync and manage store hours, menu items, phone numbers, and more to over 200 services globally.  

Forum Search  

Forums are online spaces for people to discuss their interests, ask questions and provide responses to others’ inquiries. Boardreader allows users to search for a topic and populates posts and threads from various forum sites. In addition, the search engine allows for an in-depth, advanced search to narrow down results and quickly find what they’re looking for.  

Social Media Search 

Social media is a pivotal part of digital marketing. These platforms are suitable for launching campaigns, tracking emerging trends, and monitoring your brand’s social reputation. For example, Mentionlytics provides social listening tools to find brand mentions, monitor competitors, discover influencers, and analyze the sentiment around a user’s brand. 

Infographic Search 

Infographics are a creative way to teach your audience something relative to your product or service. They often use visually appealing, eye-catching designs to grab audiences’ attention. Don’t have a creative team? No problem. Sites like can create these graphics for you. 

SEO Tools 

Constantly changing variables impact SEO performance annually, if not monthly. Keeping track of SEO updates is more accessible with tools like Growthbar, a platform that helps you plan, write, and optimize long-form content. For example, generate a content outline in just one click, and write your blog post with Growthbar’s AI writing assistant.  

Image Search  

Not every business has a photographer to utilize, making it difficult to establish a content bank for your website or social media posts. Luckily, websites like Unsplash include over 1 million free high-quality stock images. 

Keyword Tools  

Keywords are essential to any SEO strategy, but how do you find the right ones? Keyword tools like SE Ranking can help users perform keyword research, track the ranking positions of a website’s keywords, and conduct competitive analysis. This allows marketers to finetune their strategy, stay on top of Google updates, and ensure steady traffic flow. 


Events are a helpful way to learn more about changes in the marketing industry. For example, Moz is an industry leader in SEO technology that hosts Mozcon, a search marketing conference, annually. In 2023, Mozcon will be held in Seattle, WA, from August 7 to 9th. Those who can’t attend in person may also access a live stream pass to view a real-time conference broadcast. 

Voice Search  

The use of voice search continues to increase, so ensuring SEO meshes with written and voice queries is crucial. Several companies, including most cellphone providers, have a version of Apple’s Siri. Cortana is Microsoft’s voice assistant that helps you save time finding what you need. 

Browser Extensions  

Browser extensions provide many valuable functions, from increasing marketing efficiencies to protecting privacy while users search the web. For example, Ghostery is a browser extension that can speed up pages, block ads, and provide privacy and security intelligence. It also acts as a private search engine. 

News Search  

Incorporating current events in your marketing efforts helps portray a personable side of your brand. Feedly takes your interests and populates a news feed of articles, blogs, and newsletters using AI. In addition, the site can be trained to filter out irrelevant results for a more tailored experience.  

Tag Management  

Tag management can be a time-consuming task. Falcon is a tag auditing system that helps users better understand how their website performs. It utilizes tools like tag scanner and scenario builder that help improve page performance and ensure your website’s paths are always working. 

 Paid Search Tools  

Utilizing paid search can improve your rank in search results when consumers search for one of your keywords.AdRoll is a one-stop shop that allows eCommerce brands to launch display ads, social media ads, and emails. AI-powered, AdRoll can make predictions to attract the right customers to your site. 

 Scholarly Search  

Scholarly search relates to finding academic literature such as research, studies, and journals. This feature comes in handy if needing evidence to support building a new strategy. LibGuides is a library content management system. They contain information about a given library’s resources and online resources such as scholarly articles.  

Search Education  

Staying current on the latest search trends is crucial but not always easy. Fortunately, ClickZ offers news, case studies, and other resources to help you stay on top of the digital marketing space. They even have a podcast for our auditory learners. 

Landing Page Testing  

Landing pages must be functional, consistent, engaging and motivate consumers to act. Kameleoon is an A/B testing, full stack, and AI-powered personalization platform. It allows users to test designs, messaging, or entire pages without impacting performance. 

Video Search  

Video consumption increases annually. Marketers need to know the best places to post video content. Twitch is a leading platform for live-streaming video game content. Users can also watch past streams from their favorite content creators. 

 Search Engines  

It can be easy to ignore most search engines since Google dominates the space. Onesearch is another helpful platform offering private searching with no cookies, user tracking, or search history. They even encrypt searches for added privacy.   

Shopping Search  

Everyone loves to save some money while they shop. houses thousands of coupons and promo codes to get you the best deal when you shop online.  

Archival Search  

Many archival search services allow you to search for a variety of topics. Milled enables you to search email newsletters across over 100,000 brands. It’s a faster way to find sales and coupons or do competitor research. 

Travel Search  

Today’s technology lets us plan a vacation from the comfort of our couch. Many sites offer the ability to search for flights, hotels, and things to do during the trip. While TripAdvisor and Airbnb are some of the top travel search sites, another useful travel search tool that finds affordable and efficient results for flights, hotels, and car services is Skyscanner. 


 The search marketing world is vast, and Overdrive’s 2023 Search Marketing Map is an essential resource for marketers who want to navigate the evolving search marketing space successfully. The map provides a comprehensive list of tools, apps, and sites to optimize your search marketing strategy, with live links to streamline your experience. 

 Are you interested in learning more about search marketing? Download our Search Marketing Map with live links here. In addition, we encourage you to post any images related to our Search Marketing Map. Just remember to link back to this page. 


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