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Oreo vs. Skittles: The Battle Rages On

There are No Clear Victors in the Fight for America’s Favorite Social Snack Food

All summer long, Nabisco’s Oreo and Wrigley’s Skittles have battled it out for the #1 spot on the Snacks & Candy category of the Overdrive50. At this point, we are happy to report that the stats confirm what our taste buds already knew: in the fight between cookie and candy, there are no clear victors. For every 1,000 fans Skittles gains, Oreo responds with 1,001. It’s a neck and neck race to the top of the charts and we’re anxiously awaiting the next big moves from these snack food giants, who both crossed the 7 million Facebook fan mark last Friday.

In just two months, both Facebook fan pages have nearly doubled their fan count and consequently, their influence over the social media community. But what spurned this tremendous growth? The Skittles and Oreo brands have been testing Social Media Marketing strategies for several months now, with each brand dramatically ramping up their efforts this past June. Skittles has utilized an integrated marketing strategy which ties in the company’s “Tube Sock” television advertising campaign and Oreo has promoted a very successful “World’s Fan of the Week” Facebook engagement campaign.

At this point, both brands have focused the majority of their social media growth efforts on the Facebook platform. At Overdrive, we suspect that this epic brawl between our favorite guilty pleasures could be won on the Twitter battleground, where neither company has exerted their full social media force. The company that is first to take hold of the Twittersphere could break away in the race to the top of the social media Snacks-Candy influencers! Until that time, the battle rages on!

As a side note, with all of this focus on Tasting the Rainbow we’re left to wonder, where is Skittles rival candy-man, M&M Mars and why haven’t they joined the race!?

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