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Overdrive Interactive Launches New Website, Interactive Game and Facebook Application for GMAC Insurance

Are you a dumb driver?

That’s the real question being asked by the 2008 GMAC Insurance survey of 5,524 drivers from all 50 states. The results of the survey show that one in six U.S. drivers wouldn’t be able to pass a written driver’s test if they took it today.

Overall, the national average score grew slightly to 78.1% from 77.1% in 2007, but scores varied based on driver demographic and geography. The study found that drivers over the age of 35 were more likely to pass, and women were more likely to fail than men.

Overdrive Interactive recently launched a new website (http://www.nationaldriverstest.com/) for GMAC Insurance that contains all of the study data, the online version of the written test, an interactive defensive driving game, and a Facebook application for the National Driver’s Test.

In the first twenty-four hours after the site launched, it received over 100,000 page views and was responsible for tripling the normal daily traffic to the GMAC Insurance corporate site.

Go to the site, take the test, and then challenge your friends to beat your score!

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