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Overdrive’s Unique Core Values

Ok, so I was being interviewed for an article and afterwards I sent over my notes to the journalist just to encapsulate some of the points I was driving home. However, these notes really summarize what Overdrive is and provides to its clients so I thought I would post it. Don’t be surprised if you see this as future site copy as well.

As for what publication – well the article should be out on 5/9/08 so I’ll let the cat out of the bag then.

What makes Overdrive Interactive unique?

There are 2 major factors that make us unique.

1) First, we combine unrivaled search marketing, social media marketing and online media services with creative and conversion services designed to encourage desired behavior and measurable ROI. Let me elaborate:

– Search and online marketing is not just about lots of impressions, clicks, high search rankings and traffic – it is about connecting with the right people at the right time and getting them to do what we want them to do. It is about getting them to become a lead, engage in a meaningful brand interaction that changes their perception or belief about a product or buy something online or off-line.

– At the core of any successful online marketing campaign is to develop a product and audience specific Benefit and Offer Matrix that answers the following questions that a consumer is asking when they go online looking for something:

How are you going to help me?

What do you have for me right now?

– Remember, people want to know how they are going to benefit from their association with your company or product – how they are going to make more money, have a better life, feel good – what ever it is that they are seeking. You need to address their needs very quickly to engage them online.

– Then you need to think of an offer that gets them to take some kind of action that gets them closer to the point of sale and in their minds, closer to satisfying what ever need you are addressing in your benefit statement.

2) We not only deliver quantitative data to our clients reporting clicks, costs and ROI – we give them qualitative data. We give them the numbers and tell them what the numbers actually mean. It is this factor that attracts the big-name clients we have who are seeking more then standard click and cost numbers in their reports – they want to know why certain things worked or did not work and how they can use that data to the benefit of their entire businesses. Let me elaborate:

– The actual process of optimizing the performance of a paid search and online media program taps the biggest real time focus group on the planet.

– Buried in all the click and conversion data of your banner ads, search ads and landing pages lies the key to what you need to say to a consumer to get them to react to your messages, offer and products in a positive way that drives sales.

– Rarely does the actual wisdom of the data get called out and packaged in a form that it can be escalated to the benefit of the entire company.

– The Benefits and Offers that resonate with people online can often be migrated to all forms of marketing and advertising.
We think successful online messages should be driving off-line advertising instead of the other way around!

What makes your service better then others?

1) We are very focused creating an entire company of search and online marketing experts – not just staff members that work for a core group of experts. Overdrive is about great people who also have a great way of doing things.

2) We also are very focused on providing our clients with search engine and online marketing training. We actually provide our clients with onsite seminars on a wide range of topics including search engine marketing, online media and social media marketing. The more people in an organization we can get to embrace online and understand best practices, the more successful we are in launching their programs.

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