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SEO for Video Series: Three Video Optimization Secrets to Outsmart Your Competitors

In our new series on SEO for video, we’re giving away our best-kept secrets on video optimization. You’ve probably heard the term video optimization before – but how do you make sure your videos are optimized for YouTube? Well, lucky for you, this blog covers the three secrets to effectively optimizing your video content so you can ensure your content is ranking above the competition.

Keep these tips in mind when creating video content to guarantee you reach your audience before your competitors do.

Secret #1. Do your due diligence in the keyword research phase.

With the vast selection of video content available to users, you need to verify your title, meta description, and make sure your transcript has the right keywords so your video is able to be found. When optimizing your video with keywords, it is important that the keywords connect with what your target audience is already searching for. Using relevant keywords will result in an increase in visibility on the search page which lets your audience find your content without having to search for a niche term.


Secret #2. Pay attention to the details of your video production.

Whether you’re using crafty infographics, fun transitions, or an energetic staff, making your video content has a lasting impact is key. Not only do you want the content to resonate with your audience, but you want them to remember it and associate it with your brand. By creating a unique experience that entertains viewers, it leaves a memorable connection with the brand.


Secret #3. Share your video content on all your social media channels.

As a marketer, it seems like a no brainer that you should share your video content on social media. But with platforms like Facebook recommending native video posting, you could be losing out on gaining valuable YouTube views. By sharing your YouTube link on channels such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or your blog, the content will gain more exposure. With an increase in views, high click-through rates, and low bounce rates, the content is signaled as quality content for users and ultimately ranks higher in search engines.

We hope you’ve enjoyed the next installment in our SEO for Video Series – to discover more tips check out our YouTube channel. To learn more about our SEO and Video Production services visit: https://www.ovrdrv.com/services

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