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Study Shows Consumers are OK with Retargeting

In what Bizrate Insights is calling “a big win for the e-commerce and display retargeting industries,” 85% of online consumers had a positive or neutral attitude toward retargeting ads. Retargeting is the practice of capturing potential consumers’ attention and encouraging them to complete the purchase of an item they recently viewed online.

Bizrate Insights found that 25% of online consumers like retargeting ads because they remind them of what they were previously viewing. In addition, 37% of online consumers clicked on an ad because they liked the product shown in the ad. As far as demographics go, women were found to be slightly more receptive to retargeting ads than men (26% to 23%), and women were also more likely than men to click on an ad because they liked the retailer (15% to 12%).

While the study did not provide any data regarding actual purchases, there is no doubt that retargeting is effective in showing consumers relevant advertising based on their behaviors. And with all the ad clutter, wouldn’t you want to see ads that are meaningful to you and your needs?

And by the way, retargeting is not only effective for B2C, it is also very effective for B2B lead generation.

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