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The Facebook Movie

Coming Soon: The Facebook Movie*

Yes, you read that right. There will be a movie about the history of Facebook, and it’s going to be directed by Aaron Sorkin (some of his works include The West Wing, A Few Good Men, Charlie Wilson’s War). And of course, there is already an official Facebook Group about it.

I guess given Facebook’s popularity, there will be no dearth in audiences who would want to see this movie and learn even more about Facebook. But I’m not entirely sure what’s going to be featured in the movie – will it show Mark Zuckerberg (or an actor playing him) brainstorming in his Harvard dorm? Will it show the millions of people using Facebook and how obsessed we truly are? Will it show how users find out about their friends’ relationship statuses and parties trough Facebook, thereby decreasing the need for email, phone calls and evites? Or how about brands and corporations creating Pages left and right? And more importantly (at least for me) will the movie show the success of (and criticisms for) the Facebook advertising platform?

I myself will probably watch the Facebook Movie, and I’m actually already a member of the Group… Something to note: Aaron Sorkin admitted that he is VERY new to Facebook and doesn’t know anything about it – which may explain why he created a Group, and not a Page… Well, paging Mr. Sorkin, the producers, and the marketing people for this upcoming movie – drop Overdrive a line. We offer fantastic social media services and could give you success stories, insights, and more 😉

What do you think about the upcoming movie? And when will The Google Movie get produced??

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*Title not finalized yet.

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