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Tweeting for Snacks

Last week, on a hungry Friday afternoon, a few members of the Overdrive team and I decided to tap into the crowd sourcing power of Twitter to see if we could nab some tasty Pretzel Crisps.

The power of social media

After just a few Tweets, we were all excited when Pretzel Crisps asked one of our Social Media Specialists for the address of Overdrive!

a tweet from Pretzel Crisps

Within an hour, the other Overdrivers and I were all amazed when a representative from Pretzel Crisps arrived at our office to deliver us a big box of snacks!

Boston Marketers with Pretzel Crisp snacks

Through a couple of Tweets and a of couple hungry stomaches our agency was able to make a REAL connection with a brand.

Social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook, provide the opportunity for brands to have real conversations with consumers in direct and meaningful ways.  Social media can make the distance between people and brands shorter. Whether it is through a literal interaction or an online response, creating a two-way conversation is important for a successful social media campaign.   With this method of connecting, businesses are able to create a long-term genuine relationship with its customers.  Prior to last Friday, Pretzel Crisps were just another delicious snack brand to many here at Overdrive, but now because of this exact experience, we possess an emotional connection to the brand.

Beyond the new fans that Pretzel Crisps gained here at Overdrive, Pretzel Crisps also greatly increased their impression level on Twitter.  Ten different Overdrive employees, all of whom have over 100 followers, tweeted about Pretzel Crisps and generated thousands of impressions. In addition, 3,000+ impressions were created from @Ovrdrv tweeting about Pretzel Crisps alone!  Pretzel Crisps was able to generate a small viral campaign, spawn consumer recommended reviews, buzz about the brand and personally connect with consumers by delivering their delicious snacks to our company.

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