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Twitter Ads Appear in iPhone App with Quick Bar Feature

Twitter has recently taken a dive into advertising within its platform over the past few months. As their Promoted Suite continues to roll out for advertisers, the micro-blogging site has updated its iPhone application with a new Quick Bar feature. This new upgrade to the app now features advertisements in users’ Twitter streams.

Quick Bar has already been implemented within iPhone applications for all users. This appears at the top of the stream and cycles through trending topics from Twitter. In addition to these notifications, users also receive Promoted Trending Topics. So while users are scrolling through their streams, they are receiving advertisements of different sorts.

With some obvious backlash from users, this new feature arguably has some flaws. Many dislike how these ads appear forced to the users, and make it more difficult to scroll within the application. However, the placement of Quick Bar seems to have reason behind it. Previously, Twitter’s Promoted Suite was only available through the web-based platform itself. With the update to the iPhone app, advertisers can now reach an entire mobile network of users.

As Twitter continues to develop and nurture its new Quick Bar feature, advertisements within the micro-blogging site will most likely continue to grow. Although many users currently dislike this new feature, advertisers may view this a larger benefit to Twitter’s Promoted Products, and a new way to break into the mobile space.

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