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10 Reasons Why Facebook is Taking Over the World – Reason 2

This blog post is part of a ten part series.  Stay tuned every day for the 10 reasons why Facebook is taking over the world. Or, download the full printable infographic on the Overdrive Interactive Facebook page.

Facebook is a social home to more than 60% of Fortune 100 companies:

2. Facebook is a social home to more than 60% of Fortune 100 companies:

When you think of any of the Fortune 100 companies, you think of successful companies that have integrated strategies into their businesses that drive both sales and great customer satisfaction. These top companies have also existed and succeeded before the rise of social media. Does this mean they don’t need social media to keep them on top? It seems that 60% of these companies do, because they have all integrated Facebook into their businesses.

The number of Facebook pages for companies doubled in 2010, with Fortune 100 companies specifically seeing a 7% increase between 2010 and 2011. An even more impressive change in this 1 year period is the number of Likes per Facebook page increased 115% globally for companies. These figures demonstrate that consumers have gone social in the past few years and are now expanding their social experiences from personal to business.

With businesses putting their brands on Facebook, they allow consumers to express their loyalty through the use of Likes and comments, but also create a location where consumers can talk about the business to both employees and other consumers. Businesses are recognizing this trend among consumers, and have increased their Facebook activity by 25% since last year. Likewise, three-quarters of all companies enable visitor posts on their Facebook pages so fans can interact with the company and other members.

Social media is not replacing the traditional strategies companies use to market themselves and engage consumers, but instead is integrating nontraditional interactivity between the brand and the consumer. Years ago, the only way to get in touch with a corporation was through a handwritten letter, or possibly an email. Now, the gap between big businesses and average consumers has been bridged by social media to allow for a mutual conversation between the two. Nearly three-quarters of all US companies respond to Facebook posts made by users on their company pages, a remarkable number showing that both parties are equally willing to participate in a conversation that strives for mutual satisfaction.

Whether you’re a small company or a Fortune 100 company, the power of social media is large enough to help make B2C relationships more personal and accessible.

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