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5 Black Friday Social Media Strategies

The falling leaves and cooler days are tell-tale signs the best retail day of the year is around the corner – Black Friday! Around the world, Black Friday is a day of deals and discounts, kicking off the holiday shopping season. So, to help you capitalize on one of the biggest shopping days of the year, here are 5 Black Friday social media strategies to help beef up your online results.

What Role Does Social Media Play on Black Friday?

On this revered day of buying and selling, social media serves as a vital asset for driving sales. Intriguing and informative social media campaigns attract consumers to your offers and items and explain where and how to purchase.

Additionally, with the e-commerce industry on an explosive upward climb, social media provides a relatively barrier-free avenue for generating direct sales. And there’s no better time to put this strategy in action than on Black Friday. By adding Black Friday promotions to social media, consumers can instantly click on a deal and buy it within seconds.

Last Black Friday, consumers spent a record $9 billion on online goods alone, and experts expect online sales to outpace in-store profits this year. Suffice to say, if you want to capitalize on the shopping frenzy, optimizing your social media strategy is of utmost importance.

5 Social Media Strategies to Ace Black Friday

On a day eagerly awaited by shoppers and retailers alike, the competition is incredibly fierce. So, to set yourself apart and drive as many sales as possible on Black Friday, follow these 5 social media strategies.

Offer a Sneak Peek

To captivate shoppers about your Black Friday deals, post previews about the discounts you’ll be offering. Teaser videos and GIFs are perfect for piquing consumer interest, especially when using curiosity and humor. When posting sneak peeks, be sure to highlight that the upcoming deals and savings are for a limited time and unique to Black Friday.

Create a Black Friday Countdown

Another way to generate hype around your Black Friday deals is through a countdown. For instance, creating a promo video counting down the days to Black Friday and sharing it on social media is a great way to inform and excite consumers about your deals well in advance. Starting your countdown a week before Black Friday is an ideal timeframe to get consumers interested without overwhelming them with too many details about your sale. They’ll be chomping at the bit for your deals to go live!

Release a New Limited-Time Offering

With many consumers looking to knock out their holiday shopping early, Black Friday is the perfect time to unveil a new and exclusive item for the gift-giving season. The added limited availability creates a sense of urgency that compels consumers to purchase your item before the deal expires. In addition, you can share information about the limited offer on social media before Black Friday to get shoppers enthused about your deals and in turn, drive more sales.

Partner With a Social Media Influencer

With massive followings and serious clout, social media influencers are positioned as optimal partners for Black Friday. TikTok influencers are particularly favorable due to their popularity among Gen Z, a group with high purchasing potential. When searching for TikTok influencers to promote your Black Friday campaign, choose someone who complements your brand, aligns with your values, and has a following that reflects your target audience.

Extend Black Friday to Cyber Monday

Though consumers tend to recognize Cyber Monday as the day for online sales, Black Friday continues to trend towards digital deals. By extending Black Friday campaigns to Cyber Monday, you can steadily drive social media sales over four days, rather than just one.


With the holiday season fast approaching, developing a compelling and effective social media strategy and campaign for Black Friday is crucial.  Incorporate these 5 social media strategies into your Black Friday promotions for the best results.

Want help planning and launching your next social media campaign? Contact our Social Media Marketing team to get started.

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