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Ads Coming to a Facebook Messenger App Near You

After successful beta tests in Thailand and Australia, Facebook has decided to go global with Messenger Ads.
While some may bemoan this as ad creep, the possibilities this new avenue opens up is beneficial to both advertisers and consumers.

After all, connecting consumers whose interests align with a brand’s is what social media marketing is all about. There’s nothing more social than an app specifically designed for communicating on a social platform, so advertising in the Messenger app is a naturally progression.

The ads will appear in the home tab of the Messenger mobile app, but not in personal conversations. You won’t see an ad for your local BBQ place in a private message to your friend about your insatiable craving for a juicy hamburger.

Facebook Messenger Ad Gif


What This Means for Advertisers

Statistically, this move makes perfect sense for Facebook and advertisers. Currently apps account for 89% of mobile media time. By 2018, 80% of smartphone owners will be chat app users. Mobile commerce is now at 30% of all U.S. e-commerce, and 46% of internet users report purchasing items via smartphone.

Creatively, Messenger Ads give marketers a space to explore a more personal ad experience for consumers. In Facebook current ad offerings, marketers are able to create ads that appear in the News Feed and open to a message between the advertiser and consumer when clicked. Messenger Ads will also have this ability, as well as clicking to a new site. This gives a unique opportunity to offer exclusive deals and content one-on-one. It also opens a dialogue that mutually benefits a consumer with questions and a brand with immediate answers.

FB Message Ad Example


Benefits of Messenger Ads for Consumers

It’s unlikely that as a 29 year old female I have interest in an ad for a beard shaving kit. Unless, of course, I’ve been researching gifts for my husband or father. Facebook’s robust targeting abilities ensure that a consumer’s interests and shopping habits align with the ads they see. With Messenger Ads, consumers can use the popular app to shop or engage with advertisers they care about, or may find appealing.


Social media marketing has allowed brands and consumers to engage quicker and easier than ever before. Facebook’s Messenger Ads are exciting new way to explore this relationship.

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