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Avoid Social Media Mistakes With SocialEye

The recent news around a certain “slip-up” in a Chrysler tweet goes to show that social media marketers are only human. Although mistakes are made and often dismissed, they should not get to this point. In this world of real-time marketing, the need for a workflow management tool is essential.

Overdrive Interactive‘s social media management tool, SocialEye, provides the solution to common mistakes such as these. Within SocialEye, businesses can control account credentials, maintain authority over content that gets published, and offers a moderation tool to assist with compliance requirements.

In many situations, agencies have one individual managing several accounts. Often times, the said individual is using one device for all of these accounts; with different log-ins and passwords for each, it can be difficult to maintain control over which account is currently logged in. SocialEye allows businesses to control account credentials for different individuals. Specifically, some individuals may only be able to access certain accounts through their log-in. Having only certain client accounts linked to one individual’s credentials can avoid that person from accidentally logging into other client accounts they should not publish content for.

Additionally, limiting account permissions for different users allows businesses to maintain authority over what content gets published. In the event content goes out similar to the previously mentioned Chrysler tweet, it reflects poorly on that business almost instantly. Each individual can be offered different levels of access to accounts within SocialEye. Associated with their log-in information, businesses can give individuals the ability to schedule content, without the permission to approve them. Until another user who has this permission approves the post, it will not be published. Ultimately, this cuts down on published content that may not be appropriate, and offers another set of eyes to ensure the content is not published to social channels prematurely.

The real-time aspect of social media can do some very immediate damage if businesses do not monitor  their content accurately. Within seconds, thousands of users can view posts and tweets on these channels. Even if a compliance document has been developed, it may be too late to refer to it if the content has already been published.

With SocialEye, businesses can utilize the moderation tool and avoid negative content to publish on their social channels. For every client account, businesses can develop lists of words that are unacceptable to appear in content. Should there be negative publicity surrounding a specific client, users may use social media to express their frustration. In this event, the moderation tool catches these previously flagged terms and pulls them into SocialEye for businesses to view prior to them being published. From there, those with permission can approve or delete the content and avoid potential negative content going out on various channels.

The majority of businesses have invested their time and money into social media to increase their presence and engagement with target consumers. Where social media spending will continue to increase in 2011, so will the user base on these channels – even more users will receive business’ content within minutes of it being published.  Real-time marketing  in social media offers up-to-date content to consumers, leaving businesses with no room for human error.  So while mistakes happen, a tool like SocialEye can step in to avoid the consequences.

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