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Cardpool Spreads the Holiday Cheer

We’ve all received a gift that we were less than excited to receive. Whether it was the pair of jean overalls that were ten years too late, or something a little better fit for you when the latest Power Rangers episode was the highlight of your day – receiving your holiday gift shouldn’t have to be a nightmare. This year, a new online service called Cardpool is here to redefine your wishlist, and Facebook Credits are right in line to join in the fun.

Cardpool allows you to trade in your gift card for other uses – anything from Facebook credits, to Amazon bucks, and even cash. (Although the option to receive Amazon money or cash does require only a 92 percent return, it still offers a great option!) There has been continued growth in online shopping and spending, so this ability to trade unused or unwanted gift cards into this form online currency could go viral.

This idea is based on the fact that gift cards generally don’t end up with a zero balance after your purchase; after you end up finding what you would like to spend it on, you sometimes still have a credit remaining. So, whether you get a gift card to a store that seems better fit for your mother, or your purchase leaves you wondering how you’ll spend that last forty-two cents at the high-end retail store downtown, you can now breathe.

Cardpool not only offers the ability to trade in gift cards, but it also doubles as a buying and selling site for users and merchants. Gift cards can be bought at a discounted thirty percent off including free shipping, and also promises no expiration date. Need another reason to get excited? Users can also create their own wishlists of retailers they would enjoy a gift card towards.

For Cardpool, they just keep on giving. While online shopping increases, Cardpool allows for the user experience to become that much more customized. Currently they are offering a money-back guarantee for up to 100 days after the sale, with a $1000 limit per customer. Additionally, their current promotion is offering users $10 for each friend they refer to this service – and why not include your own wishlist in this process? It’s the gift that just keeps giving!

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