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CMOs, Rule Your Marketing Technology Stack

By 2018, the CMO will spend more on technology than the CIO. In order to execute your brand’s marketing strategy, you need to think like a Marketing Engineer, considering the full array of technologies that impact your customer’s user journey and help form their digital experience of your brand. Follow these guidelines to dominate and populate your sales funnel with your marketing resources:

Blueprint a customer journey with your marketing tech stack components

The customer journey should be the focal point to your marketing strategy. If you haven’t already done so, research who your buyers are, what motivates them, what problems they face, and ultimately, how to keep them satisfied. If you understand these components, you’ll then be able to use marketing tech solutions to connect the dots. Tech stack tools can answer these questions for you, such as ABM platforms, CRMS, and marketing automation platforms (MAPs). Your online marketing starts and ends with the customer, so be sure to optimize and analyze each step in the process.

MarTech Stack

Visualize and leverage your marketing infrastructure

To see noticeable growth in your company, you must have a marketing infrastructure system in place. Look at your historical data, evaluate what worked and what didn’t work in the past, and work on areas of needed improvement. Your marketing infrastructure should also include blogs, content, newsletters, and other forms of campaigns to engage with the community. These efforts will tie in with your customer’s journey in the long haul.

Strike emotional chords with the right messaging so prospects pay attention

To capture the attention of your prospective customers, deliver clear and concise messaging. The world of B2B/C marketing is massive, and it’s your job to stand out among the crowd. This comes back to the idea of meeting the needs of your customers. Know your audience’s pain points, and deliver the solution to them in a positive and memorable way.

Focus creative on engagement and conversion, persuading prospects to take action

To be effective in your strategy, discover the latest tech trends and measure it across your channels. Dig deep into the different technology trends and utilize them to your advantage. The creative world in marketing has endless possibilities, and infusing them into your campaigns will garner success. Create unique experiences to capture the attention of prospective customers, and eventually convert them into leads.

React to prospects behavior from data to power marketing automation and personalization

Study the behaviors of your prospective clients. Are they engaging with the content you publish? If so, invest in marketing automation and produce consistent content, such as weekly newsletters. The importance of machine learning is increasing significantly, and the market is predicted to reach $15.3 billion by 2019. Don’t sit back on the power of automation. Give your creative juices more room to grow, and invest in automation solutions to focus more on the customer. Personalization is another strategic initiative that you must invest in. For example, your company should humanize emails, using recipient names, or creating targeted landing pages based your audience.

Create experiments to measure what works and optimize your cross-channel campaigns

Test, test, test! Learn what needs to be improved in your campaigns and measure it across all your channels. Is your campaign under pacing? Maybe your CTA isn’t performing well enough. Are your visitors not converting? It might be time to analyze who your target audience is. 90% of shopping consumers never stay on just one device when making a purchase. This means you must have a full marketing tech stack in place to track your customer’s purchasing journey, and take this data from social media analytics, CRM, marketing automation, and other platforms to create a seamless experience.

Become the Marketing Engineer!

Marketers must wear the hat of engineers to go above and beyond in strategy. At the end of the day, you should analyze big data to understand key issues you might be facing. This is when your tech stack will come handy. Lighten the weight off your shoulders, and utilize the tech stack to leverage your marketing campaigns. The marketing industry has one thing that is constant: change. In order to overcome these changes, you need to invest in technology to keep up, and ultimately dominate your sales funnel.

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