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Coming Soon: Facebook Studio.

Next month Facebook Studio, an upgraded platform for ad creation on Facebook will make its debut. The goal of Facebook Studio is to promote the concept of social advertising.  With this platform, Facebook hopes to make advertising more social by allowing top advertisers to share, “like” and comment on ads in an online catalog.  Jennifer Kattula, Facebook’s agency marketing manager was quoted by Financial Times saying,

An image of the Facebook Talk Bubble

“One of the biggest challenges that people talk to us about is that Facebook is not a place to be creative because the ad unit size is so small, and there’s no sight, sound and motion. The idea is that social is creative. It’s more than just ads.”

Zoning in on the word-of-mouth power of Facebook, Facebook Studio will highlight those who excel at designing clever and creative ad campaigns.  One UK ad agency that was able to test this interactive ad forum, discussed a wall post done by Oreo. Oreo, who posted the question on their wall, “What’s your favorite part of an Oreo – the cookie or the creme?” received just short of 10,000 responses and all of those comments were then spread to their friends’ news feeds.  In Facebook Studio, ad agencies have the ability to discuss the success of posts such as these.

Overall, with Facebook Studio, Facebook hopes advertisers will gain respect for their ad platform and move away from simply being a “numbers game.”  The social networking site is also hopeful that this will lead to a greater appreciation of Facebook brand ‘fans’ and how to reach them.

A social space to discuss social ads? Do you think this will be a Facebook success or failure?

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