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COVID-19: B2B Tech Trending Keywords

The COVID-19 situation has led to widespread changes throughout the digital space. New trends have been seen in the way businesses and consumers are now behaving and searching. We often see these new behavioral patterns appear in specific categories and key terms within Google.

As the majority of the workforce in the United States and the world began to see significant shifts during March, we saw a transition in the way businesses were now forced to operate. With working from home becoming the “new norm” for businesses worldwide, new topics and search trends were discovered within Google.

The following keywords were discovered to be the largest “movers” during the COVID-19 situation within the B2B Tech space.

Keyword: Telecommuting

  • Monthly Searches: 152,326
  • Top companies in Sponsored SERP: Webex, Salesforce, Dell, PGI
  • YoY Change: 426%


Keyword: Working remotely

  • Monthly Searches: 54,312
  • Top companies in Sponsored SERP: Webex, Amazon, Salesforce, Microsoft
  • YoY Change: 1010%


Keyword: Work from home

  • Monthly Searches: 1,953,044
  • Top companies in Sponsored SERP: Perimiter81, Teamviewer, Facebook
  • YoY Change: 300%

Keyword: Remote work security

  • Monthly Searches: 4,767
  • Top companies in Sponsored SERP: Crowdstrike, Knowbe4, Ironnet, Umbrella
  • YoY Change: 67%

Keyword: Video conference

  • Monthly Searches: 473,810
  • Top companies in Sponsored SERP: Facebook, Gotomeeting, Avaya, Verizon
  • YoY Change: 809%

Keyword: Web conference

  • Monthly Searches: 46,659
  • Top companies in Sponsored SERP: Mitel, Amazon, Verizon, Vimeo
  • YoY Change: 488%


Keyword: Teleconference

  • Monthly Searches: 51,778
  • Top companies in Sponsored SERP: Conferencecalling, Unlimitedconferencing, Gotomeeting, Zipoconferencing
  • YoY Change: 1011%

Keyword: Video teleconference

  • Monthly Searches: 22,246
  • Top companies in Sponsored SERP: Facebook, Att, Avaya, PGI
  • YoY Change: 310%


Keyword: Video collaboration

  • Monthly Searches: 7,434
  • Top companies in Sponsored SERP: None shown
  • YoY Change: 317%


Keyword: Remote Software

  • Monthly Searches:43,538
  • Top companies in Sponsored SERP: Five9, Techinline, Sococo, Ninjarmm
  • YoY Change: 233%


Keyword: VPN security

  • Monthly Searches: 58,731
  • Top companies in Sponsored SERP: Expressvpn, Microsoft, Netskope
  • YoY Change: 108%


Keyword: Web security

  • Monthly Searches: 30,381
  • Top companies in Sponsored SERP: Microfocus, Barracuda, Mimecast, Forcepoint
  • YoY Change: 45%


Keyword: Network security

  • Monthly Searches: 134,620
  • Top companies in Sponsored SERP: Barracuda, Vmware, Solarwinds, Ironnet
  • YoY Change: 37%


Keyword: IT support

  • Monthly Searches: 139,673
  • Top companies in Sponsored SERP: Milestechnologies, Directitcorp, Dell, GHDSI
  • YoY Change: 56%


Keyword: Zoom security

  • Monthly Searches: 241,701
  • Top companies in Sponsored SERP: Zoom
  • YoY Change: 9900%


Overdrive will continue to monitor keyword changes as the pandemic continues. Want to stay up-to-date on marketing for B2B and B2C companies during COVID-19? Follow Overdrive on FacebookLinkedIn, and Twitter for the latest updates, resources, and tips.


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