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COVID-19: Consumer Trending Keywords

The COVID-19 situation has led to widespread changes throughout the digital space. New trends have been seen in the way consumers and businesses are now behaving and searching. We often see these new behavioral patterns appear in specific categories and key terms within Google.

As the majority of business and the workforce in the United States began to see significant shifts during March, we saw a transition in consumer behavior, with a majority of storefronts and retail closed. With the shutdown of retail business, we saw the “new norm” for consumer consumption in both purchasing and media worldwide; new topics and search trends were discovered within Google.

The following keywords were discovered to be the largest “movers” during the COVID-19 situation within the consumer space.

Keyword: Patio furniture

  • Monthly Searches: 3,607,569

Keyword: Outdoor furniture

  • Monthly Searches: 2,635,742

Keyword: Online games

  • Monthly Searches: 735,416

Keyword: Grocery delivery

  • Monthly Searches: 646,491

Keyword: Video chat

  • Monthly Searches: 483,123

Keyword: Home gym

  • Monthly Searches: 479,949

Keyword: Curbside pickup

  • Monthly Searches: 382,760

Keyword: Home workout

  • Monthly Searches: 274,876

Keyword: Board games

  • Monthly Searches: 244,371

Keyword: Restaurant delivery

  • Monthly Searches: 235,913

Keyword: Gardening

  • Monthly Searches: 206,581

Keyword: Grocery pickup

  • Monthly Searches: 68,612

Keyword: Restaurant takeout

  • Monthly Searches: 25,596

Keyword: Food takeout

  • Monthly Searches: 22,690

Keyword: Online workout

  • Monthly Searches: 7,435

Keyword: Contactless delivery

  • Monthly Searches: 3,735

Keyword: Above ground pool

  • Monthly Searches: 2,635,742

Keyword: Inflatable pool

  • Monthly Searches: 1,644,055

Keyword: Gloves

  • Monthly Searches: 980,402

Keyword: Bicycle

  • Monthly Searches: 708,515

Keyword: Ppe

  • Monthly Searches: 591,976

Keyword: Atv

  • Monthly Searches: 555,780

Keyword: Swingset

  • Monthly Searches: 449,687

Keyword: Online counseling

  • Monthly Searches: 135,733

Keyword: Respirators

  • Monthly Searches: 134,706

Keyword: Vegetable garden

  • Monthly Searches: 104,309

Keyword: Baking

  • Monthly Searches: 11,422

Keyword: Hazmat

  • Monthly Searches: 6,379

Keyword: Masks

  • Monthly Searches: N/A


Overdrive will continue to monitor keyword changes as the pandemic continues. Want to stay up-to-date on marketing for B2B and B2C companies during COVID-19? Follow Overdrive on FacebookLinkedIn, and Twitter for the latest updates, resources, and tips.


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