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Facebook Highlights Photos From Pages You Like

Promoting pictures that your friends post is something that Facebook has been doing for a long time. Staring jealously at pictures from vacations your friends went on, or the latest weekend outings never seem to leave your News Feed. Now, Facebook is beginning to feature photos from Pages you like.

The more photos a brand posts, the more likely their photos will appear in a user’s News Feed, Ticker or a promoted box (pictured above). Essentially, this could mean free advertising for brands that upload the most pictures. When Pages add photos, it not only makes their Page more inviting, but it is also an easy way to update fresh content. In addition, photos are known to increase engagement on Facebook which in turn increases a Page’s EdgeRank.

With Facebook highlighting photos from Pages users like, Facebook is inevitably encouraging brands to post more photos. One of the most important aspects of social media is creating, maintaining, and finding ways to increase engagement. Brands now have even more incentive to post more photos to create, maintain and increase engagement on their Page.

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