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Facebook Subscribe Button VS Facebook Pages

Last week, I described the new Facebook Subscribe Button feature, and I wanted to clarify when you might use the Subscribe Button instead of Facebook Pages. You can use either or both for a specific person, depending on your goals.

The Subscribe Button is best suited for individuals like journalists, celebrities or political figures who distribute content and want to connect with fans without friending them. You may utilize the Subscribe button to easily update Friends and non-Friends in your News Feed by posting Public Updates using your computer or mobile phone.

Pages have advanced marketing features and are still ideal for a brand or business on Facebook. If you need multiple administrators, insights of fan demographics, custom tabs or targeting, you should continue to use Facebook Pages. In addition, personal Profiles cannot be promoted with Ads and Sponsored Stories, so you should continue to use Pages if you require this feature.

If you have a Facebook Profile with the Subscribe feature enabled and a Facebook Page, you can help people connect with both. Use the Featured Admin tab to display your Profile on your Page, and your Page on your Profile.

To do so, click Edit Page on the top right of your Page, and select the Featured tab under the Profile Picture tab and the Resources tab. Click “Edit Featured Page Owners” and check the administrators you want to feature on your Page. The “Featured Page Owners” will also show your Page on your profile.

While Facebook’s Subscribe button will not be used for most businesses, it is important to consider its use in the reach that Facebook users may have. A mention from a Facebook user now goes beyond their Friends and includes their subscribers, increasing the potential reach of each message. Consider encouraging the thought leaders in your organization to allow subscribers to increase engagement around your company’s content.

As Facebook continues to add more features on its social media platform, it is important to keep updated to see if any of them could impact your business. Subscribe to the Overdrive RSS Feed to keep up-to-date.

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