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Firefly Festival Goes Digital

Coachella‘Tis the season for music festivals across the country! I for one have always wanted to go to a music festival in my twenties because I feel like it’s one of those things you have to experience at least once. Unfortunately, this year I won’t be making it to Coachella in Southern California, but luckily for me there is the Firefly Music Festival in Delaware!

FireflyWhile I was anxiously awaiting the release of the Firefly lineup, I noticed something on its Facebook page. Firefly announced that they would be giving away 12 VIP passes through a massive east coast scavenger hunt. The first person to find each hidden clue in the location would get a VIP pass! I was obviously intrigued by this for two reasons:

1. I work in digital marketing and I wanted to see how they would pull this off.
2. I obviously wanted to win! 🙂

Firefly Scavenger HuntAfter the announcement of the scavenger hunt, I was on the lookout for when it would start and how this would play out. On Sunday, January 12th, the scavenger hunt was starting and I was ready! Firefly created an interactive map that would zoom into the location of the clue. The map would zoom into the location based on the amount of Tweets that were being generated by participants using the hashtag #Fireflylineup (pretty cool!).

The scavenger hunt started out in Philadelphia and made its way across the east coast. My sister and I were tracking it all day on our phones to see where it would be next. After each ticket was found, Firefly would post a clue for the next location on their Facebook page. After the clue was found, the winner would post a photo of themselves in the location with their ticket (super jealous of everyone!). Although the scavenger hunt never made its way to Boston, this was a fun digital marketing campaign that definitely caught my eye.

Philly clueFirefly New York Clue

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