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Gain Real-Time Insight on Your Facebook Engagement

The data that can be extracted from Facebook Insights offers a lot of useful information for publishers investing in the social networking site. These hardcore statistics have provided users with an understanding of how well their content is performing, and is now available in real-time.

Allowing publishers to receive metrics on the performance of content, they can now optimize it for Facebook in that instant if they see specific content receiving a high level of engagement. Additionally, these new analytics offer insight for both on and off Facebook. Publishers can now receive data based on impressions, referral clicks, and which pages are most popular on their external site.

With these new real-time insights, Facebook breaks down analytics based on the specific form of engagement: Like button, Comment, etc. Should a website owner integrate the Like button throughout their site, they can see how many views the button got, how many clicks, what story was published along with this Like button and how many clicks were redirected back to that initial site.

These insights offer a deeper analysis of engagement, specifically with the Share feature. This data distinguishes between the Share plugin and the organic shares that take place within the platform. In looking further through this data, website owners can see how their “Like” button placement affects the click-through rate.

What could arguably be the most beneficial aspect of these insights, data can now be broken down by demographic. These plugins offer website owners in-depth information about the audience that visits their site from age, gender, language or country.

These real-time insights within Facebook offer a whole new opportunity for publishers to really tap into the audience that interacts with their pages. While Facebook continues to further develop these insights, everything from content to external websites can be optimized to better engage and target the audience.

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