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GetGlue Partners with The Gap just in time for Falls TV Lineup

GetGlue is a social networking site similar to four-square, but it uses TV shows as check-ins rather than locations. Get-Glue encourages users to check-in to movies, TV shows, and books they recommend. The CEO of GetGlue, said that the idea behind the site is to encourage friends and fans to discuss the things they love in the same place. This site has been called “tiny” in comparison to Facebook and Twitter because their user base is significantly smaller, but that is about to change.

A partnership with Entertainment Weekly, sponsored by Gap, could be just what Get-Glue needs to grow its users. Entertainment Weekly began rewarding users who used GetGlue to check in to “Must List” recommendations with virtual stickers in March of 2011. The “Must List” is a list that Entertainment Weekly releases once a Week to inform the readers their predictions about what will be popular. The list includes books, movies, and T.V. shows.

The partnership between GetGlue and Entertainment Weekly has recently been updated. From September 15, 2011 to October 15, 2011 Entertainment weekly is rewarding users that check in to one of their 12 recommended fall TV shows with a redeemable 40% discount on a regular priced item at any Gap store. There will be virtual stickers on GetGlue co-branded by Gap and EW. The stickers can be unlocked with directions about how to claim the discount.

In the past, GetGlue partnered with HTC to reward users with free movie tickets when they checked-in to Entertainment Weekly’s top movie picks. GetGlue takes a different approach to advertising. They promote ad-without-an ad. For example, when someone shares that they are watching Mad Men it is effectively an advertisement for the show, without having to display an actual advertisement.  Users do not have to feel overwhelmed by advertisement after advertisement yet they are being influenced by what their friends are tuning in to.  GetGlue has increased to 1.5 Million Users and seen a 130% growth in check-ins. They have tailored a part of their site solely for businesses. GetGlue for businesses networks to verify their accounts on GetGlue, setup pages, add social media links, create discounts, manage campaigns and see stats.

Partnerships with major media brands are what set GetGlue apart from other websites. The Social entertainment market is growing more widespread. Individuals will always want to discuss their favorite shows, movies, and books and GetGlue’s specialized market will allow for people to do so. GetGlue is the pioneer of social entertainment marketing, with social media– there is always something new!

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