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Good Example of Someone Listening in the Social Space

As a part of our company’s social media marketing strategy, we continue to seek new applications and services which best meet our SM needs. When we began using Twitter, we really needed a site that allowed us to schedule tweets in order to manage the account effectively. We decided to use TweetLater, who proved today they really know how to listen to their users.

A frustration which bothered me about TweetLater was the lack of navigational links on the homepage. Each day I used the site I would have to click at least two or three times until I reached the section I needed to schedule a new tweet. I was very close to looking for a new service when I decided to send a tweet to @dewaldp, the creator of TweetLater. To my surprise, my frustration was resolved in less than half an hour and a new link was added to the TweetLater homepage!

Here is the conversation which occurred:

@dewaldp (Mon, Feb 23, 3:40PM) It would be very useful to have “manage account” link right on the homepage
@Ovrdrv (Mon, Feb 23, 3:52PM) I see what u mean. When u return to the site & you’re still logged in, you’re almost stuck on the home page. Will take care of it.
@dewaldp (Mon, Feb 23, 3:54PM) That would be great, thank you!
@Ovrdrv (Mon, Feb 23, 4:02PM) OK, I’ve added an Accounts button in the sidebar. Don’t know why I’ve never noticed that deficiency.
@dewaldp (Mon, Feb 23, 4:10PM) Wow, thanks for the quick response! this will make it a lot easier to manage our account

This is a great example of how companies should be utilizing social media. By listening to your clients, customers, or followers you are building a brand image and relationship with them that is stronger than any advertisement. The experience I had today was memorable and I will continue to use TweetLater since they have proved they care about the service they are providing.

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