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Why is it Important to Have Unified Creative Across Digital Marketing Efforts?


Creative cohesion can help brands become more recognizable and build trust with their audience. Watch Jessica O’Brien, Creative Director at Overdrive Interactive, discuss the benefits of unified creativity. 

Video Transcript 

You have two sodas in front of you. One is a well-known brand, one you’ve never heard of. Which do you reach for? Most will go with the comfortable choice, the one they know. How do they know this soda? They’ve seen the ads; they recognize the design: color, label, and logo. They have a feeling associated with it. B2B marketing is the same in that trust and recognition are what’s going to turn someone in your target audience from a prospect into a customer. 


But most times, we don’t have the benefit of a well-known pop star as a spokesperson to build that trust. What we do have is the unification of messaging and design across multiple touchpoints. A break in that chain can cause confusion. Say, using an old logo or a different color palette causes friction that detracts from getting your message across. 


Now, how do we ensure creative cohesion? To start, every brand and business needs to have comprehensive brand guidelines with strict usage rules for both internal and external visual communications. These guidelines make sure everyone who touches your brand, from internal teams to an agency to your sales team, is prepared to be a brand advocate. For your audience, this means after being introduced to your brand and it being reinforced through either nurture campaigns, billboards, or a website, it gains a familiarity that builds upon itself. Layer this with the right value proposition in the right media strategy, and you end up with a powerful machine that motivates your audience to take action. 


Learn more about how our full-service creative team can help you develop action-oriented creative. 


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