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How are Brand Awareness and Demand Gen. Creative Different?


A Brand Awareness campaign tells your audience who you are and how you can help them, while a Demand Gen campaign is focused on driving leads. These campaigns support each other, especially when you have the right creative. Listen to Jessica O’Brien, Creative Director at Overdrive Interactive, explain how Demand Gen and Brand awareness campaigns differ and how each can support your company’s goals. 

Video Transcript 


It’s hard to create demand for something your audience has not heard of. You may be saying, “We can build awareness during our demand gen campaign.” But, now you’re trying to accomplish many things at once: establishing and building brand recognition, creating a want for the asset you’re offering, positioning your product as the solution, and nurturing your prospects to purchase. 

That’s why brand awareness campaigns exist. Think of it as storytelling for your brand. The Once Upon a Time here is the reason you exist. Everything core to who you are as a brand business or company; look to your mission, vision, and values, the promise of who your brand is to your audience, and reflect that out. Creative for a brand awareness campaign has a unifying message, a drum you keep beating to build a full symphony of meaning to your audience. It takes longer and doesn’t have the same ROI measurement as something more direct, like a demand gen campaign. However, your brand perception affects sales, especially if you’re unknown or viewed negatively. This type of campaign is important to instill positive associations between your brand and your audience.  

Demand gen is focused on results, driving leads to a purchase. The customer journey here plays a big role. The creative needs to be driven by content and contact offers. If you’re giving your audience an e-book, show them the candy and make sure you sell that asset to them in the copy. Ultimately, a combination of both is the best guarantee that you will not only increase brand Equity across your audience but also hit them with the right message at the right time to encourage action. 


Learn more about how our full-service creative team can help you develop action-oriented creative for your Brand Awareness and Demand Gen campaigns. 


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