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Hashable Ranks Your Online Connections

There is a new social introduction service that has the ability to measure the strength of your relationships with other users online. Hashable presented a new site design recently that categorizes user relationships under “tight”, “connected” or “acquainted” based on how often you interact with users and they do the same in return.

Hashable seems to have taken some pointers from LinkedIn as well, allowing users to see who they are connected to and who their connections are between them. So, this gives users the opportunity to see the connections of those they are also connected to (think mutual friends). Additionally, they have now released “hashbits” which shares exactly how connections know each other further in detail.

Although this is currently only semi-open, users can connect with those on Hashable through Twitter or e-mail, using it as a business introductory service or a simple address book. The CEO relates Hashable to a “relationship book” because everything within this service is documented from beginning to end. Hashtags are used to create different categories, and to make it easier to track like topics. For example, using #intro marks the beginning of the relationship or connection between those users. Ultimately, with users having the ability to create their own hashtags for specific purposes, they can document every aspect of their online relationships based on specific milestones symbolized by hashtags.

Add a competitive angle to this by building what is called “Hashcred”, or your level of credibility through using the service. The more users interact with Hashable the higher their rating, and the near future suggests leaderboards based on both industry and profession. Eventually this will lead to users having the most Hashcred and measuring social status online.

Take the competitive piece out and you can still take advantage of the seemingly effective way to track stages of your life and the people you meet. With each new connection users can create notes about their interaction and have the option to share these notes publicly or keep them private. The more users interact with each other, the stronger the connection between them becomes.

Eventually this service could become a virtual timeline with the ability to create hashtags based on specific dates and events. With Hashable, we can create an online memory bank with each moment and interaction documented, categorized and customized to each user specifically.

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