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How to Get More Out of a Facebook Like than Just a Thumbs Up with Likester

Using the Like button on Facebook allows users to show off their personality by giving thumbs up to brands, entertainment, and other various activities they enjoy. Although those Likes are retained within users’ profiles, there hasn’t been an effortless way to browse through the Likes of others and analyze accordingly. Startup company Likester is changing the dynamic of Likes by going beyond the thumbs up and creating a user-friendly way to browse Likes among friends, family, and everyone else around the world.

Likester connects to users through their Facebook page, which allows the site to load in that user’s friends and their Likes. Now users can go in and browse Likester’s five main areas that focus on analyzing and categorizing Likes. The five areas the site revolves around include three areas to see your own Likes, friends’ Likes, and everyone else’s Likes. These areas allow you to browse by most popular or by category, as well as identify the specific friends who Like each page. Specifically, the “Everyone” tab will show the most popular Liked pages on Facebook among all 600+ million users.

The last two sections show what’s trending in Facebook Likes, and a Like list. Users can see what’s popular on that specific day by users around the world. It can also be sorted by the last week’s and month’s popularity as well. The Like list is a chronological list showing the Likes your friends have clicked on by date. It does not show every piece of data, but encourages you to check back often!

In addition to the previous five tabs, Likester also has a search engine capability that allows you to search keywords and see Likeable page results.  Anything a user has not currently Liked has the ability to be clicked as “Like” while browsing search results.

Some key features of the Likester site include the relationships it builds between Liked pages. If a user views a page their friend has Liked, it also shows other related pages they would be interested in.  Likester also has heat maps on their site, which shows the popularity of Liked pages around the world visually on a map. You can even sort by country or state to specifically see the trends among certain regions. With Likester’s multi-functioning site applications, users can not only browse Likes for pleasure, but can formulate some impressive data about Facebook Likes within their own social circle and around the world.

Likester is not just for individual users to analyze and compare Like results, but it works great for brands and their company pages as well. Companies can connect their Facebook pages through Likester to see what their fans are Liking outside of their own brand. This can help for marketing research purposes and social media outreach. Just as well, brands can also see popularity of their own page, as well as others, on the heat maps Likester provides which can help gauge user reach.

Likester is an innovative way of isolating one aspect of the many that users can engage with on Facebook now for analysis purposes and a new perspective. It will allow individuals to discover the power social media has not only on communication, but sharing interests among a community.

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