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How to Increase Organic Traffic to Your Website

How to Apply SEO Best Practices To Your Content and Generate More Traffic to Your Site

1) Meta Data

The meta title, URL and description are the three key ingredients for an optimized web page or blog post. Very effective and crucial page elements to develop, showing search engines what the page is intended to explain.
meta descriptions titles and urls

Writing effective meta and title tags best practices

Boost your search presence and drive more traffic through the production of high-quality copy infused with high value keywords

Establish a clear understanding of what the page is about

What is the purpose of  the webpage?

Who is the target audience of the webpage?

What do you want a user to do after clicking through?

Select appropriate target keyword phrases

Select terms relevant to the topic of the page

Tags should begin with high-value keyword(s) associated with the page

Tags should be readable and make sense and be relevant to the page

2) Body Copy

The objective of  copy-writing with SEO in mind is to achieve the right keyword density & frequency so the search engine defines the keyword term as being the subject of a page, while simultaneously making it readable to a user.

Comprises the majority of the content on a webpage

Helps search engines determine what the webpage is ultimately about

Is needed to compliment other content such as images, videos, other asset types

Consistent use of target keywords in body copy establishes pages as authoritative content on those topics

Humans may not read every word, but search engines do

3) Internal Links

While creating deep authoritative content,  link from it on your website, guiding visitors to what you consider to be the most important and relevant content page for that term on your website.  Internal anchor text links for core target terms,  focusing on your high value pages build site authority over time.

anchor text link

4) The Importance of Headlines

Define the topic of a body of copy

Search engines understand this, just like human readers

Main Headlines

Define the topic of the entire page

Represented in HTML as H1

Sub-level Headlines

Define the topic of a portion of the page

Represented in HTML as H2, H3, H4, …

5) External Links

Writing deep, authoritative content, and sharing that content through PR efforts and social channels helps garner external links.  Social sharing enabled on your site also bolsters your ability to spread your content further.

Domain diversity

A single link from 100 domains is worth far more than 100 links from a single domain. Domain diversity of links from other high value websites is still viewed as a valued ranking signal.

domain diversity


Domain Authority

domain authority

Links coming from reputable sources hold greater weight in conjunction with the topic of the content matching the sites relevance.


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