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“Link, Like, Love” from American Express Offers Deals Based on Your Facebook Likes

American Express has launched a new Facebook app, “Link, Like, Love,” that tailors deals to what users and their friends “Like” on Facebook. American Express, the biggest credit card issuer by users, said, “we’re running algorithms to serve you up offers that are relevant based on your likes, your preferences and your friends.”

The first step to start receiving deals is to go to American Express’s Facebook page, and allow the Facebook app. Next, you have to “Link” your card to the American Express program by entering in your credit card information. Privacy paranoia can be eased by American Express’s statement that they do not disclose any credit card information to Facebook, expressed during their Livestream event this morning. Users are able to choose deals offered to them based upon what they “Like” on Facebook. For example, if a user “Likes” Whole Foods Market on Facebook, or has checked in at Whole Foods using Facebook Places, a deal to Whole Foods may appear on their dashboard on the “Link, Like, Love” page.

Additionally you can say goodbye to printing out coupons, or showing deals on your Smartphone to waiters, because all discounts will be applied at the end of billing cycles as a credit to the cardholder’s statement. The program is built on AmEx’s Smart Offer API’s which eliminate the need for coupons. Smart Offer also provides summaries of deal redemptions allowing merchants to keep track of whether they are gaining loyal customers, new customers and how much in sales was generated from the campaign.

Lastly, because users have to agree to download the app, “Link, Like, Love” avoids the problem of behavioral targeting. AmEx’s app is “opt-in,” eliminating the concern of unwanted targeting which has sparked privacy concerns in the past. Further, AmEx’s use of the “Like” feature on Facebook also illustrates how marketers are trying to find a constructive use for the feature.

What do you think of American Express’s “Link, Like, Love” app? Will you sign up so you can receive deals? Consider spending your efforts outside of extreme coupon clipping and try connecting through social media deals linked to your AmEx for less time consumption and more savings.

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