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Mapping the Complete Path to Success

OK, I know I’m supposed to be an online media guy and this is supposed to be an online media column. But, I just have to speak up here. Far too often, advertisers who base the success of their online campaigns on hard conversion and action metrics forget that media will only do one thing: put your ads in front of the right people. It won’t make people, desire, click, or convert. It’s the job of the creative to encourage desired behavior — and it is some form of desired behavior (clicks, actions, or conversions) that success is typically based on.

The funny thing is when our firm just does the media buy for our clients, and doesn’t do the creative (banners and landing pages), we can usually tell whether something is going to work before the first impression has even been served. We can always tell when creative was done without the final metric for success in mind and wasn’t mapped all the way though to the desired action or behavior.

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