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Marketing To Women Through Social Media

Women are social creatures. We like to gossip, shop, and talk about our purchases. It would only make sense that we also control 85% of U.S. purchases. This statistic, as well as a survey done by Women Marketing Inc. and SheSpeaks, shows that brands have worked to create campaigns that appeal to female audiences for the following three reasons:

Women Are More Likely to Purchase Brands They Follow

Women are more present on social media than men (with 55% more engagement on Facebook,) and are 55% more likely to purchase from brands they interact with on social media sites. Women use the internet for research, so it is logical that women would follow a brand on Twitter to learn more about their products before making a purchase.

I know that in my case, long before I ever visited a Boston food truck, I followed several on Twitter to learn what they were all about before choosing which I’d like to sample.

Women Use Social Media To Connect Different Aspects Of Their Lives

37% of females believe the benefit of social media is being alerted to coupons, promotions, deals, etc., but many also use social media to connect with friends and family. Thus, they are likely to retweet or share events recommended by a friend.

Marketers would be wise to connect the two to create a more personal marketing strategy. In other words, show the human side of your brand. Women will be more likely to interact with your brand and share it with their friends.

Different Women, Different Outreach

Women under 40 are more likely to check their smartphones first thing in the morning, whereas women over 40 are more likely to check their computers and/or watch TV. For me, mornings in my house usually involve checking my phone for updates, while my mom turns on the TV for breaking news. Marketers should take note of where they broadcast their ads if they hope to target a certain age demographic.

Women are strong brand influencers in the marketing and advertising world. In fact, 30% of women report being more social offline ever since using social media; therefore, women will likely promote your brand to their friends and family in everyday life.

How are you making sure your online presence reaches the female demographic?

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