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One Quick Tip To Improve Your Remarketing Campaign

Here’s the tip: create a remarketing list for visitors who stay on your site 30 seconds or longer.

Your site’s visitors come from a variety of channels: direct, organic search, paid search, display, social, a host of referral sources – the list goes on. But what share of that traffic is genuinely interested in what you have to offer? I’d be willing to bet a large share bounces rather quickly.

Google Analytics bounce rate highlight





According to Techwyse, average bounce rate is 40-55%. In some environments – perhaps a dedicated paid search landing page – a high bounce rate could be intentional. But for all site traffic, close to half of your visitors, if not more, leave your site without viewing a second page.

Additionally, if you look at sessions by 30 second time blocks, you’ll likely see that a large portion of sessions last fewer than 30 seconds.

Session Duration by 30 second intervals







This might be surprising – but if you’re at all familiar with site analytics, probably not. What is surprising, however, is how many advertisers have remarketing initiatives that target ALL site visitors. Doing this means that you’re targeting an audience where a huge share of users is likely not sufficiently “qualified.” You might say “Well, if they aren’t interested, they won’t click on my ad.” Unfortunately, too often they do.

So as I mentioned at the beginning of this post, my quick tip is this: create a remarketing list for visitors who stay 30 seconds or longer. By doing this, you’ll be targeting a tighter, more qualified group of users, and while your impression totals won’t be as high as they would be had you targeted all site visitors, your conversion efficiencies will thank you.

Note: To help grow your audience, consider setting your cookie duration to 90 days, rather than the 30 day default. You should also consider additional lists based on session duration, but I’d recommend a minimum duration of 10 seconds.

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